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Cost Management Tools For Oil & Propane Dealers

"poor price correlation of a hedge instrument can actually increase risk. Choose your hedging tools wisely!"  -Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop, energy industry veteran of 40 years and author of Hedging Demystified : How to Balance Risk and Protect Profit

Northland Energy Trading, LLC is an over-the-counter derivatives company founded by Rich Larkin in 1998.  For decades, we have been providing mission critical risk management tools to hundreds of Energy Marketing companies throughout the country as the exclusive trading desk of the industry leading consultancy Hedge Solutions.  These oil and propane price management tools typically take the form of options, which are offered in customized increments depending on the needs of the client.

Products offered are ULSD, Propane and Weather swaps and swaptions. Northland’s ability to offer less than standard contract volume (42,000 gallons) makes energy risk management accessible to all businesses that qualify as an ECP under the Commodity Exchange Act. For Northland clients, the time frame of coverage is determined by you, varying from a few days to several months.  By offering these types of customizations, fuel dealers are able to have a greater degree of correlation between their physical (rack, wet barrel, prompt or bulk) and paper positions and therefore a cleaner hedge.  Having a trading account with Northland will enable you to focus more time on running your business and less time babysitting markets. Broaden your resources, gain price transparency on hedging costs, increase buying flexibility, and protect and grow margin by opening a no cost trading account with Northland.