A tested and trusted record lead by 30 year industry veteran


Northland Energy Trading is the exclusive trading desk of an industry leading energy consultancy specializing in assisting oil and propane dealers mitigate the risk that volatile markets pose to margin.  For decades our specialists have been helping dealers like you navigate the complexities of options trading and we are in the process of rolling out a new service to compliment the systems and strategies you may now have in place.

Most of the industry knows of our consulting & advisory firm, Hedge Solutions. This company was founded almost 30 years ago by recognized industry veterans with the vision of delivering essential services to the retail and wholesale energy market where considerable void existed. Back then, heating oil dealers were being inundated with high pressure broker calls and supplier sales pitches and they had little understanding of the tools being offered and how they worked. Now, after decades of practice, many of you have cultivated a solid working knowledge of general hedging products and recognize the mission critical role they play in your operation.

For this reason, we are launching a new offering by an old company. Northland Energy Trading has been a proven and trustworthy counter party of OTC products to the family of Hedge Solutions’ clients since 1998. The company prides itself on its long and tested track record and always performing on its agreements, even during times of extreme volatility like the 2008 financial crisis.  Until now, Northland services have been exclusively available to consulting clients. That has changed.

The players in this industry have adapted and their needs have changed. Many businesses are content with running their own programs and implementing their own strategy.  To accommodate this new class of dealers, we are making Northlands suite of OTC products available to you for ordering full time. Qualified dealers are now eligible to open an account with Northland directly and free of charge for needs related to:


            Daily offset Call options and Put options

            Customized strips of Calls and Puts through next winter’s heating season

            ULSD and Propane

            Short window options strips: 1-30 days out


Contact us today to learn about our new no-cost trading account option